Piping Support Span


Piping Support Span

  1. *  Spans limited by stress (all others limited by deflection).
  2. + Pipe walls require reinforcing at point of support.
  3. Allowable spans are based on a maximum bending stress of 41.37 Mpa (6000 PSI) or a maximum deflection of 12.7 MM (0.5in).
  4. Hydrostatic testing: Spans are adequate without the addition of auxiliary supports for insulated lines and lines on shoes.
  5. Pulsating lines: Spans indicated above shall not be used.
  6. Tempratures in the above table are in degrees Celsius, as indicated (maximum 400 °C).
  7. Corrosion Allowance: As indicated, spans can be used for lines of equivalent or smaller allowance than those specified in the above table.
  8. All dimensions are in millimeters, except as noted.

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