Responsibilities of Piping Material Engineer

Clause Details
PME-RES-001 Piping Material Engineer is required from Bid Stage, through design, construction and mechanical completion stages.
PME-RES-002 Peak period of work is early in the project when PMS to be developed and bulk inquiry requisitions are sent to vendors.
PME-RES-003 Develop Piping Material Specifications for Process and Utility Services.
PME-RES-004 Develop Fabrication/Welding Specification.
PME-RES-005 Develop Shop and Field Testing Specification.
PME-RES-006 Develop Insulation Specification
PME-RES-007 Develop Painting Specification.
PME-RES-008 Develop Datasheets for Process and Utility Valves
PME-RES-009 Develop Special Items List for Steam Traps, Strainers, Hoses etc.
PME-RES-010 Develop Data Sheets for Special Items.
PME-RES-011 Assemble piping material requisition with additional Documents.
PME-RES-012 Develop Technical Supply Conditions / Requirements for Various Piping Materials.
PME-RES-013 Review offers from vendors and create a technical bid evaluation.
PME-RES-014 Make a technical recommendation.
PME-RES-015 After placement of a purchase order, review and approve documentation from vendors related to piping components.
PME-RES-016 When required, visit the vendor’s premises to attend kickoff meetings, the testing of piping components, or clarification meetings.
PME-RES-017 Liaise with the following departments: Piping Design and Stress, Process, Instrumentation, Vessels, Mechanical, Structural, Procurement, Material Control.
PME-RES-018 Make sure that everyone in the piping group is aware of the materials of construction that can be used for piping systems.
PME-RES-019 Prepare MTO.
PME-RES-020 Help 3D Administrator in creating PMS in 3D Softwares like PDS, PDMS etc.

Qualities, Knowledge and Experience Required.

Clause Details
PME-QKE-001 Should be a Good Communicator
PME-QKE-002 Experienced in Design, Construction and Stress
PME-QKE-003 Basic understanding of other disciplines having interface with the piping, such as mechanical, process, instrumentation, and structural engineering.
PME-QKE-004 Aware of the corrosion characteristics of piping material
PME-QKE-005 Aware of welding processes necessary for the fabrication of piping systems.
PME-QKE-006 Knowledge of Static equipment, Rotating equipment, Instruments.

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