Sample : Technical Requirements for Insulating Gasket Kits


Purchase order for Insulating Gasket Kits include Bill of Material as well as Technical Requirements for the same. Sample Technical Requirements for a particular project is as shown below:

Composition of Kit

Insulating gasket kits shall be to manufacturers standard, with each kit comprising of:

  1. 3mm thick flat ring insulating
  2. gasket to ASME B16.21, material shall be Neoprene reinforced Phenolic/manufacturer’s standard material.
  3. Full length insulating sleeves (1 sleeve per bolt); material shall be Polyethelene/Phenolic/Mylar/manufacturer’s standard material.
  4. Insulating washers 3mm thick (2 washers per bolt), material shall be Reinforced Phenolic material
  5. Steel back-up washers 3mm thick (2 washers per bolt).


  1. Insulating gasket kit (including bolt sleeves and washers) material should be of high insulating quality that should, in addition to protecting flanges from corrosion, meet the pressure/temperature requirements of the system.
  2. The bore of the insulating gasket should be equal to the pipe bore. This will prevent any service material from accumulating in the annular space between the bore of the gasket and the bore of the pipe thus preventing formation of electrical bridge.
  3. Insulating gasket should be suitable for the intended flange class, the maximum pressure and temperature conditions of system and service fluid.

Refer Technical Requirements for Gaskets for Inspection, Testing, Marking, Color Coding, Packing and Preservation Notes.

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  1. I agree to this blog post before purchasing a insulation gasket kit we need to check out the technical requirements because it is very much important and it will help us in placing a order for our firm.

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