Solvent Cement Joint for Plastic Piping


Solvent Cement is used to join two or more pipes or join a pipe to a fitting or a fitting to a fitting. A solvent joint has about eight times the strength that it needs. Its quality plays a major role in the strength of the joint formed.

Solvent Cement used for such joint consists of a resin same as material of pipe and fitting to be joined. It also contains a solvent which can dissolve base plastic material.

Solvent Cement is normally available in tubes for 100ml and below. For higher quantity, solvent in tins and cans are available.

Features of Solvent Cements:

  1. LOW VOC emission helping keep the world green.
  2. High quality dauber/applicator for user friendly & smooth application.
  3. Exclusively coloured solvent for ease of inspection.
  4. Higher shelf life ensuring high consistency.
  5. Colour coded packaging for ease of identification.

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