Steam Piping on Piping Racks


Steam Header

Steam header shall be located generally on the upper tier and at one end of the rack adjacent to columns.

Header Branches

Branch lines from horizontal steam header, except condensate collection points, shall be connected to the top of the pipe header. Isolation valves (if provided) on the branch line shall preferably be provided on the horizontal run and outside the pipe rack. All branch lines shall be drainable.

Drip Legs

Wherever condensate is to be drained, proper condensate draining facility shall be provided. Drip legs & steam traps shall be provided at all low points and dead ends of steam header. Drip legs at low points shall be closer to down stream riser and shall be provided to suit bi-directional flows, if applicable.

Steam Traps

All turbines on automatic control for start up shall be provided with a steam trap in the steam inlet line. All traps shall be provided with strainers if integral strainers are not provided. Steam traps discharging to atmosphere shall be connected to storm water drain/storm sewer or underground condensate collection system.

Steam traps shall be provided at pocketed low points and at dead ends of steam headers. Traps shall also be provided on excessively long runs of steam piping, for sufficient condensate removal to insure dry quality steam at destination. Steam traps located more than 4500 mm above high point of finish surface, except pipeways, shall be accessible from platform.

Expansion Loops

Expansion loops are to be provided to take care of the expansions within units.

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