Steel Pipes : Internally Lined


Steel pipes are sometimes lined with material which can withstand chemical attack of highly corrosive fluids. Lined pipes are supplied with pre-welded flanges. For lined piping network, fittings are also flanged.

Linings (rubber, for example) can be applied after fabricating the piping, but pipe is often pre-lined, and manufacturers give instructions for making joints.

Glass Lined Pipe

Linings of various rubbers, plastics, metals and vitreous (glassy) materials are available. Polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and copolymers are the most common coating materials.

PTFE Lined CS Pipe

Rubber lining is often used to handle abrasive fluids.

Rubber Lined Pipe

Carbon-steel pipe zinc-coated by immersion into molten zinc (hot-dip galvanized) is used for conveying drinking water, instrument air and various other fluids.

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