Welding Procedure Qualification Record Format


Welding procedure qualification shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable requirements of ASME Sec. IX latest edition and/or other applicable codes and the job requirements. The welding contractor shall submit the welding procedure specification in format as given by client immediately after the receipt of the order.

Owner’s inspector will review, check and approve the welding procedure submitted and shall release the procedure for qualification tests. The procedure qualification test shall be carried out by the Contractor at his own expense.

A complete set of test results in the format as given below by client shall be submitted to the Owner’s inspector for his approval immediately after completing the procedure qualification test and at least 2 weeks before the commencement of actual work.

Standard test as specified in the code shall be carried out in all cases. In addition to these tests, other tests like macro/micro examination, hardness tests, dye penetrant examination, charpy V­ notch,  Corrosion tests, impact tests etc. shall be carried out on specimens depending upon the type of base material, operating conditions and requirements laid down in the detailed drawings and specifications. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to carry out all the
tests required to the satisfaction of the Owner’s inspector.

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