Documents to be submitted by Welding Contractor


Welding contractor for  piping fabrication shall submit following documents to ensure quality of welding work.

  1. Electrode and Welding consumable Qualification Records as specified by client, for the welding consumables tested and approved for the work.
  2. Batch test certificates, for the Electrodes used, obtained from the Electrode Manufacturers.
  3. Proposed Heat Treatment Procedure as specified by Client.
  4. Heat Treatment Charts.
  5. Weld joint hardness test results.
  6. Welding Procedure Specification as specified by client, immediately after receipt of order.
  7. Welding Procedure Qualification records as specified by client.
  8. Welder Performance Qualification records as specified by client immediately after conducting Welder Qualification Tests.
  9. Radiography Procedure as specified by Client and other NDT Procedure.
  10. Radiographic test Report along with Radiographs and other NDT reports.
  11. Piping Sketch (Isometric) giving all the details regarding the pipe specifications, welded joints, joints radiographed, magnetic particle  tested, ultrasonic tested, penetrant tested, joints heat treated, WPS used, welders identification number etc.
  12. Welders shall be issued Welders Identification Cards.
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